Why Choose Me?

    You may be asking yourself "Why should I let this guy build me a website and not use a third party company like Wix?" That's a good question. Wix and all those other DIY website builders are a good option, but they do not offer you features and compatibility traditional website developers can give you.

    With me, you know that you're getting the best for your money, for I am fully experienced with HTML5, WordPress, SEO, CSS, Photoshop, Sony Vagas and Reaper. I hope to hear from you about an enquiry for your website; the face of your business!

    No monthly payments for 3 months!

    Download the five steps and view site prices, all in this one PDF! The Five Steps and Prices

    What You'll Get

    What I'm giving you when you buy a new website

    Responsive Designs

    All my sites are developed for use on desktop, mobile, tablet and any other device with internet access. The site is also available to view from the most common browsers including IE, Chrome, Firefox and many more.

    Free SSL

    When anyone buys a new site from me, I will install SSL encryption free of charge into the site. This provides extra Search Engine Optimisation on Google search and provides your viewers with clarity that their data is secure.

    WordPress Installations

    All sites are built around the most common web development framework, which allow you to make edits and changes to anything at your own free will, wherever you are!

    Personal Email

    When you buy a website through me, you can get web mail accounts! This can be anything ending in your site URL, for example ‘example@yourbusiness.com’. You can get up to as many of these as you like for your business! .

    Get Local Discounts

    Businesses located and based in the Midsomer Norton area get 15% off any new sites purchased. This is a great way to get your business on the map for an affordable price.

    SEO Optimisation

    Search Engine Optimisation is where your site is shown at the top of the search results on search engines such as Google and Bing. It is important to be on that first page on the search results, or no one will find your site.

    How I work

    Learn how I work to ensure every site is built to perfection

    Clear project scoping prior to commencement

    You want to know exactly what you’re getting with your new website. I will work closely with you to fully scope out the work prior to us getting started. This means you’ll have a clear understanding of what’s going to be done and when.

    Full project management

    If you’re the type of person who likes to be able to see the progress on your project, you’ll love working with me! I use one of the world’s leading SaaS project management systems, WordPress, to set out my tasks and progress them to completion. You’ll be able to type the URL see updates and milestones anytime.

    Industry Leading Techniques

    I use WordPress, the diverse and fully operational website builder. This allows me to write my HTML5 and CSS while viewing it in real time, while providing me with visuals on how the site is going to look. WordPress also offers the option to create additional accounts for the same project, so if you choose, you can edit and post to your site when and wherever you are!

    User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

    Your website is a big investment and you want to be sure it’s right. Every change I make will be made in a testing environment first, so you have the opportunity to test, appraise and approve the update prior to it going live.

    The Five Step Prosess

    This is the five step plan that I follow with all my clients. This plan ensures that each website I create not only looks good but importantly drives and retains users to your site.

    The five steps provides both you and I with structure and reassurance of timescales and deadlines, helping us meet them.

    For more infomation on the five steps, download and view this PDF: The Five Steps and Prices

    The 5 Step Plan

    This is the five step plan that I follow with all my clients. This plan ensures that each website I create not only looks good but importantly drives and retains users to your site.

    Step 1: Analysis and Development

    This is where I try to gather as much information about the business and what your aim is by owning a website. We want to identity things such as your target audience and your long/short term goals. This stage also covers an agreement on the site map, structure, timescale and a quote on the creation of the site and the monthly cost of running the site.

    Step 2: Design and content

    Here is where I will create you a visual representation on what the site could look like. Here, you get your say on what features you want where and what colour scheme you want. This is your canvas which I’m painting on for you! Also, this is when I require and content you have created for the site, e.g downloadable .PDFs for the user etc.

    Step 3: Development

    This is where I sit behind my desk for hours on end, creating your website to the best of my ability so that you’re satisfied with your product.

    I also give you the link to your website while it’s being created so you can see it in action. By doing this, you can give me ideas and feedback about how it’s going and if there’s anything you want me to change before the site is released.

    Step 4: Testing

    This is an important stage because this is where I find any faults in the code such as buttons that don’t take the user to the correct destination and checking if the navigation is working correctly.

    Here, I will create you a report, showing that I’ve checked everything, solved any issues and how I did them, and that everything is working.

    Step 5: The Release

    This is the stage, we should both be happy to say that the site is complete and is ready to be available to the public. Also, you can optionally ask me to maintain the site in the future. This may involve creating new sliders showing promotions that your business may have available!

    Download the full description of the five steps and prices now