My Design Portfolio

    A full list of sites I have previously worked on, and am currently in the process of creating

    Project start date 29/11/2018. Project end date 12/12/2018.

    Celebration Bars

    Celebration Bars are a nation wide business which travel across the country to bring the best bar to you, whatever the occasion.

    Need a fancy bar for a wedding? Or perhaps a rustic looking bar for your party? With a fully trained team of bar staff, you don’t have to worry about a thing, we’ll satisfy your guests’ drinking needs!



    Purpose2Property is a property development business with two main interests: helping youth homelessness and increasing your investment.

    By investing with Purpose2Property, all profits on the selling of any estates, properties or anything else, 15% of those profits go to End Youth Homelessness. Run by Mark and Alison Plumley, this business helps others while sanctimoniously increasing your wealth.


    Project start date 18/9/2018. Project end date 12/10/2018.

    Project start date 14/03/2018. Project end date TBC.

    Midsomer Norton Society

    Find the exclusive archives for the Midsomer Norton history with before and after images, showing what the buildings used to look like years ago.

    Also find a full list of events happening all across Midsomer Norton, no matter what your taste in fun is, we’re sure there’s something for you.